Let us peel back the curtain to show you how our products come to be — and how they come to be part of your life. From our fields and laboratories to your home or back pocket, we take meticulous care every step of the way to ensure safe, precise, and predictable products. We strive to make it easy for you.

Our very ingredients will put you at ease. No pesticides. No chemicals. No kidding.

Precise dosing in products you love

Testing, trials, and 3rd party lab verification

Delivering relief at your speed and at the forefront of body science

Commitments we can keep


Explore our products: Mari Mints, Kalm-Corn, and Mari Melts

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There will be a number of ways you can get involved as we make all of this happen, and we really hope you do so. Look out for different events during the year and please post your reviews. Have an idea for a product you’d like to see developed? We’d love to hear it at next generation product. If we develop your idea, you’ll be invited to be featured in an inspiration campaign online.